Emma’s Tree house Project
Fannie Battle Children’s Library
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Her mom Jennifer

Emma Eck, a 13 year old Girl Scout has set out to  manifest a huge vision to create a Reading environment for kids in Nashville's inner city. she found a donor in the Fannie Battle Day Care (one of the first in america, to give her the space to create her dream.

    she found her way to someone who shares her love for kids and Tree houses.

here’s the story beginning.....

Click on Fannie to Learn more about her
Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse goes here
Emma and her sister  Clara
trees on inside
these trees are just place holders. will work them more later
trees on outlside
Emma’s Design
The Mural is underway!
Tree House Framed around this opening
Tree Forms fit on site
bob putting trees together ready for foam
Damon cutting trees tubes to fit over wainscot
Chris and Emma working together to make the deck of the Tree house
Tree House designs
What’s this?
big chicken feet?
The trees getting ready
for foaming
The Tree house under construction
Light Bulb
Marco Making the tree house