This document is created to help identify what Artisan Industry does. as we are multifaceted and work in many industries it is difficult to put us in a box

    Many people describe us as “Just think Disney”

we are imagineers.

It starts with a client needing their creative needs met in whatever project they are working on. our work consists of Restaurants, Nightclubs, Hotels, Children's environments such as libraries, playgrounds, amusement parks, Museums. we also have done work in Retail sores, Hotels to name the most typical projects.

    primarily we are hired to Design the project which often is connected to fabricating what we design concerning the decor. we do not build walls and the buildings load bearing structure.

some examples would be:

   PBR (professional Bull riders Nightclub chain) Houston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Hampton, VA, Louisville, KY, Kansas City, MO, where we create giant belt buckles to hang on the wall, chrome steer heads, Bull ring Pergola, Giant bull head with glowing eyes and blowing smoke. we also will build tables and booth seating.  we also serve as the art director choosing colors and finishes for the General Contractor to perform.

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Birch bark (for contractors to install), Dimensional chrome letters and Railing wood emblems

Pictures in frames

Bull Head over DJ booth and Giant Belt Buckle

Creative Metal finishes

Themed accessories

Back bars units

   Brentwood Library Children's Section Brentwood, TN.

    we were asked to Create a theme for the children's section of the library with a stone and park theme. using 3D Modeling we came up with the following. we created al the stones and trees in our shop and erected them on site.

The Gallery Chandeliers Kansas City, MO

    we were asked to Duplicate an Italian Designers concept called “Mercury Clusters” lighting fixtures where it appears ad drops of Mercury are floating in air. a portion of the plastic “Beans” have low voltage LED lighting affixed to them.  we created in the shop and assembled on site. other electrical contractors are responsible for applying the electricity to the fixture. we use UL rated LED lights on the assembly

Inside Out Park Brentwood, TN

    we were asked to Create a central “Treehouse” (our specialty) for an indoors park. we were contracted to build two themed elements (tree and rock wall) for Interactive Play (our primary client to the Children's play industry)

    we are responsible for adhering to the OSHA safety guidelines and the Brentwood Municipality Material codes for fire retardation. we are inspected by the general contractor and Primary playground contractor to meet their requirements.

    our themed elements do have some play value, but are not designed as “Playground Equipment” but are to enhance the playground environment.

    to climb up and down the tree house is the only play event. not shown in the images is how the Primary playground contractor applied safety netting to the treehouse to meet safety requirements as well as the ground is rubber meeting the safety requirements there.

    we do not manufacture playground equipment.

Furniture Tables, Restaurant Banquettes, booths

Current Project

Discovery Children’s Museum Las Vegas

working again with Interactive Play / International Play we are being asked to help Design and Fabricate 8 Educational Play Exhibits as part of large “Tower” in a Children’s Discovery Museum. we are only one of many contractors to produce the numerous events and structures.

    we do not create any part of the structural tower. we are given pre engineered (certified by the Primary Contractor) for us to build and attach our elements to.

    we have a few different mediums to use for the exhibits. some include low voltage electrical components which are sealed in the exhibit.

    Children are prevented from getting to any potential harmful portions of the exhibits.

    our exhibits are scrutinized by the Primary Contractor and he client including site visits.

    we are responsible for creating the exhibit fully functional land preparing for shipping.  shipping by is optional in our contract.

    we are not the primary installers, but are required to supervise the installation by other contractors on site. (union)

The Electric Generator shows Children how electricity is generated and stored. they get to crank a shaft and make electricity and then push one of  three buttons to power the stored electricity.

The Helicopter is on a level of the educational tower of the aerospace events. it is on an upper level whereby the actual helicopter is on the OUTSIDE where it cannot be touched.

Leverage is a ground level event whereby kids can lift a car (incapsulated in a cage) by pulling on a large lever over head.. we have already created this event in the Nashville Adventure Science Center and has been working safely for many years.

Example of Tower built by others