1330- Texas Live games

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Cow Milking contest: Players try to fill their bucket first

Beer Bottle fishing: pick up beer bottle with ring on fishing pole without it falling off pedestal

Maze Runner: manipulate moving table and direct  ball through a maze. suggest a base ball on top of a giant bottle cap tracing the outline of the brands logo

Pool Noodle Darts (at people): create themed backdrop with large openings. person stands behind and others thrown pool noodle like a dart at openings (target)

Belt Sander Races People ride them: You provide the sander with a seat mounted to top. the rider sits on top and triggers the sander and rides across the floor towards a hay bail barrier. absolutely hilarious https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9hCPe4KNtg

Belt Sander Races: I just think this is cool no matter what. two tracks and people bring their own customized belt sanders. the track is a trough and you plug your sander in and the referee throws the power on and who’s ever sander reaches end of track wins. they are tethered for safety.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pr_G7dN0w_M

Break beer bottles: bottles stuck in holes in long board you break by throwing baseball at and beer boxes catch the broken glass. (maybe negative branding)

Stacked Milk bottles: old carnival game with 3 stacked wooden milk bottles (or brand bottles) and hit with baseball.

Lasso Sawhorses: simple and cheap funny sawhorses out of wood and lasso with hula hoops

Skee Ball: large branded version can have tech for loud payoff sounds and funny

Mindbenders puzzles oversized”: oversized metal puzzles made with CNC’d metal pipes welded or giant wood made with hardcaoted foam with inner structure

BATTLESHIP “Texas Style”: our typical battleship game on maybe with OIL RIGS

Shoot the Moon: a giant version of game based on old table top game where two rods are manipulated to drop a basket ball or larger ball into targets higher up the rods

Duck or Frog Race: two or more half PVC pipes filled with water and using electric battery operated animals released on one end  and race to other.

“The FIZZER” TEST YOUR STRENGTH: Same typical carnival game  but a GIANT BEER BOTTLE THEME. Again a 100 foot foam and haricot half beer bottle where you hit the giant beer bottle. a rod tracing the outside of the beer bottle curving up to the top of it is the rail for the “puck” to travel up on. again tech accompanies the travel and payoffs along the way. the “Bell ringing” can be the same  armadillo or the bottle  cap pops off (hinged) and  expels water squirts or smoke/co2 explosion.

“The GUSHER” TEST YOUR STRENGTH: off the typical old carnival game with a TEXAS OIL WELL TOWER THEME A 10 foot old fashioned wooden or steel oil rig tower with a rail on the inside where a solid beer bootle shape is used to “Hit the bell”  The oversized ballot is made with a baseball bat handle. The Strike is a giant beer bottle  cap. the track the  bottle runs up on has tech on it where its  height is marked by the track below is lit with LED and a sound effect associated with the  height reached and possible teaser  signs up along the way. The “BELL RINGING PAYOFF” is also tech where if the beer bottle reaches the top it hits the butt of a curled up armadillo with boots, rodeo gloves and cowboy hat on. the armadillo springs to life and squirts water out of his mouth or pees in a half circle on everyone on the level of s water squirt gun with loud sound effect on the lines of “Yeee Haaaa”

Giant Peg Game: Typical Cracker Barrel Table top game on large scale with bats at pegs

Connect 4 Hockey Puck: wall mounted or free standing using hockey pucks

Connect 4-5 basketball: (Already presented)

Giant Kerplunk: Players pull sticks from top, and replace them at the bottom trying not to let balls fall out. Could use wiffle balls or tennis balls

Velcro Tic Tac Toe: Design pieces to be thrown at velcro board. or a tabletop version

Ring toss table: Try to get a ring to land on a bottle.

Buzzer game: Try not to let the metal ring tough the rod. could do a sports theme where the ring and handle is a small tennis racquet. Or we could make the base of the game a cow, the handle is a brand and you have to make it to the end to brand his butt without making the buzzer go off.

Slap Shot: Try to make the puck in the goal

Lightning Ball: We could make this golf themed. Put turf down, have the handles be golf clubs, and you try to make a hole in one with a golf ball.

Down a Clown: Would turn these guys into rodeo clowns you would throw bean bags at them. or maybe throw handheld rodeo barrels at them.

Giant Dominoes: Create larger than life domino tiles.

Human Foosball: Players hold on/have straps on the pole. as a team can only move side to side. You could have teams, uniforms, it could become an event for the venue.