Huckabee Notes on Design

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There are many kinds of trees we fabricate. Interior or exterior, real bark or “storybook” bark. Playgrounds. Children's Libraries, FEC and so forth. The tree structure is based on typical pipe and fitting methods and then foamed and formed out of spray foam then Hard Coated and painted.

    Suggest Pipe and fitting cylinder with protrusions for stair “planks: to insert into it on the interior. we will make a mold of the stairs to cover the pipe structure inside the stair tread.  We will be able to attach the railing to  that internal structure.

1. The Tree

Here are some various tree houses with associated notes and suggestions.

“The Grove Tree house” was built as an entrance to the waterslide. it has no branches or foliage but the ROOF makes visual sense as trees are visually top heavy

Here are some internal shots reflecting the pipe and fitting structure it was built on.

Here are shots of the cargo net and log railing

“Back yard Tree house” was one of our first large indoor tree houses.  it has a colored rubber landscaping and has held up well after about 15 years. 

“HIghfield Discovery Gardens”  this is an exterior tree in Cincinnati that was constructed 12 years ago and we are performing our first larger scale maintenance visit this fall. it has held up remarkably.

2. The organic seating group.

“Osage Orange Tree” is a replica of an existing historic tree in Kentucky. reflects an arch pass through.

Examples of Grass in Libraries

“Brentwood Children's library” is the most successful of a grassy knoll. kids will find a book and go sit on the VERY TALL THICK  grass and read their book

These Two low level tree houses offer mezzanine style access for reading. this model is very successful as kids do not get rowdy but actually find their way to a nesting place to read.

Organic upholstered back and carpeted surface hang for reading

Architectural geometry art

we see the design intent of the architectural elements and clean finishes of reclaimed wood. we also offer other apparent material shapes. we are simply offering a fish that can be finished with almost any material. it also is a slide for little ones

Faux reclaimed wood

we made this product for abrasion resistance, control over wood finish desired, fire retardancy, safety and many more attributes. once painted this looks EXACTLY like reclaimed barn wood. we can make molds of any kind of wood desired.

    photo of finished product not averrable at this time.